Did I mention that the school yard has rosemary and sage growing in amongst the olive trees?
Well there is a good reason for this; the school makes its own olive oil and sells it to raise money! (their version of a bake sale)

Making your own olive oil around here is quite normal. Everyone has an olive grove and everyone makes their own olive oil (1 field = approx 50lts, which is usually enough for an entire year). 
There are many methods for pressing the olives, either with the stones (the original and still the best) or through paper. This of course, affects the taste.
Then you have different temperatures, 28° is considered OK for cold press, but some scandalous places will go up to 37° and still claim it as cold press! This is not acceptable.
So the only way you can be sure your olive oil is good enough is to make your own.

In England we may choose our olive oil by its country of origin, perhaps spanish, greek, italian or french?… depending on your taste. (I would usually choose the latter, due to my blood and an indoctrination from a young age, I like my olives sweet and my honey bitter.)

Here, however, they discriminate between fields!
Having said this, with this crazy frosty weather, it’s likely the olives this year will suffer. I’m sure we’ll hear a lot about this in about 6 months!