The intro begins with a solo. One sound, one distinctive note, repeated in a sequence. A single lonely voice in the darkness… Calling out in search of an echo.

Predictable and lulling, The rhythm established like a ritualistic drum. A tin whistle or a tiny chiming bell.

Seemingly without warning, yet somehow uncannily timely, another sequence emerges from the void, resonating, resounding. The two merge and overlap creating a new polysonic tune, only briefly, before they are joined by many more.

A simple acoustic ballad erupts into a full orchestra of bird song. A veritable cacophony of twinkly beeps and chirps, cackles and whistles. Building layer upon layer to a crescendo, reaching its climax just as the sun breaks the horizon.

Daytime has arrived accompanied by an ensemble of little winged vocalists.
A choir of angels.