Its Easter weekend and the children get a one week break. The first they have had since arriving. Instead of taking small regular breaks throughout the year, the Italians like to save up all their holidays and take one long, 3-month holiday in the summer.
So this Easter break feels pretty special, having the kids home is even an unusual treat for us.
Having the extra time gives us the opportunity to enjoy our natural habitat in a more relaxed and authentic way.
Back in London, we used to have to allocate specific time for trips to the park, but here, we are already surrounded by fields of daisies. Being amongst nature, there is no lack of inspiration for the rituals of craft-making at this time of year. Real-life hares replace the cartoon illustrations of the Easter bunny, and the chickens in the allotment just below, lay the eggs.

This year it felt appropriate to follow instincts and honour the season with nature’s own offerings:

Egg decorating:


First we collect a variety of grasses from the lawn.


Then we must make our selection.


Meanwhile we make the die: Blueberries and beetroot, salt.


Dab the hard-boiled eggs shells with white vinegar to make them more absorbent.
Now we choose our herbs and lay them carefully on the surface of the eggs.
We fix it in place using an old nylon stocking, knotting it at the back.


Carefully place your eggs in the die and leave overnight, when the magic happens.


The next day:

IMG_4027 IMG_4029


Nature is beautiful.