This year, summer is slow to pass.  A gentle turn of the seasons is underway as the weather transits from too hot to just right on its way to too cold.  At this Goldilocks pivotal stage I watch our surroundings surrender to the soft lulling of nature, coaxing tree and vine to give up their emeralds in exchange for garnets and jasper.  Everyday a little softer, a little duller.  As if the morning sunrises have bled into the hills and left a warm brush of rustic tint all over the foliage.  Now the valleys are cushioned in fluffy mists… Soft quilts to hide beneath, keeping the quiet a little longer each day.
Sometimes the days start with a jerk into life with brilliant golden sunbeans flashing across the fields casting long shadows through silhouetted trees.  High contrast and stark.  On others, the cloud cover subdues us all and we remain in a world of reverie for a few more hours.  A watercolour wash across the horizon calming all senses.
Today is eerily quiet.